The OPI Craze

I bought new OPI nail polishes from Chinatown last month! i think it's 3 for $45~ cheap huh. compare it to Sephora which is selling 1 for around $24?! Yup so i bought 2 colours :D and here's my swatches of it! Pardon the photo resolutions cos they're taken using iphone and not my pro camera!
OPI Barefoot in Barcelona (NL E41) MY FAVE COLOUR! have been searching for a dusty-rose mauve nude colour and THIS IS IT! so pwetttyyy <3 TOTALLY HEARTS IT TO BITS!

OPI Ink Suede (NN B61) decided to be adventurous so i chose sth from the Suede series. It's really matte and velvetish. pretty cool.

top- without flash, indoor lighting. Bottom- with flash.
so i've tried almost all the brands of nail polish... from watsons to thefaceshop and etudehouse and skin food. and this is my very first time using OPI! I think I'm in love. It is SUPER DUPER easy to apply. I feel like a professional manicurist already. The consistency is even. The brush is smooth and the polish is liquidy and non-sticky. The coverage is pretty good too. The swatches above are only 1 coat! Yup can't believe how it actually looks like there's 2 coats huh. Somemore it can last me pretty looooong. NO MORE CHIPPED NAILS (Y) I think approx 7 days without vigorous activity hahahaha. Thefaceshop polishes start chipping in like 3 days?!?! RAH and that annoys the hell outta me.
Really love my nude colour~ It just looks so classy and elegant. I think it matches all skin colours actually. how versatile! Besides i think it's great for all occasions esp daily wear to work or school! Something low-key & muted but fashionable at the same time! YEA NUDE IS THE NEW BLACK! But i think the suede ink colour is pretty okay only. I didn't add top coat as that would defeat the very purpose of buying a matte nail polish huh. So i conclude that although it's pretty unique and cool, i still prefer glossy high-shine colours! heehee.
My mum bought 3 more OPI polishes from chinatown too and gave 2 away as xmas presents to my aunts and grandma, keeping a deep red colour for herself! I haven't tried hers out yet but I will review IF i do try it out (maybe for CNY?) and IF i do have the time(sch's busy and sucky)!
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