If you have been an avid consumer of beauty blogs, you probably wonder about the same thing as I do - how honest are these reviews? You also probably face the same situation as I do now and then as you read reviews online and start wondering whether the products are really as good as they say or were the bloggers simply obligated to rave about them. 

And herein lies my stand - I don't feel that there is nothing wrong if reviewers want to monetize their blogs. As you may already realize, it takes a lot of money and effort to purchase and test these skincare products. However, this is not to say that I agree with reviewers who simply function as marketing loudhailers and irresponsibly publish dishonest reviews without actually testing the products. 

Hence, my promise to you is simple - I will be utmost transparent about the origins of the products tested (it will be explicitly stated if it is sponsored or self-purchased). However, my reviews will be unbiased and based on the actual effects I observe after using them. Thus, I will neither recommend or endorse any products that I have personally used and loved, nor would I receive any money or gifts in exchange for favorable reviews.

Finally, please spare some time to understand why I created this blog and do realize that I am not dependent on this blog for revenue. I simply hope to share my experiences and hopefully be of help to you! :)