About Me

Hello, I am rilaedna, a young and proud mummy of one from sunny Singapore! Motherhood has given me the opportunity to take a rest from the hectic legal fraternity to learn more about myself. And as I become more comfortable and competent (hopefully!) as a mother, I started having more time to read about beauty products and fellow skincare hobbyists' experiences. Soon enough, I realized that aside from food, skincare was something that could get me excited. 

Furthermore, having been an active member on subreddits (Asian Beauty and Korean Beauty), I really enjoyed reading about others' skincare journey and sharing my own experiences. So this blog is my way of contributing back to the online community.

For reference, my skin type is combination - oily T-Zone and dry cheeks. I am fair and prone to freckles and have the occasional monthly pimple around that time of the month.

I hope that you will enjoy my reviews and experiences as much as I enjoy writing about them! :)