YMMV refers to "Your Mileage May Vary".

This concept is exceptionally important when you go about choosing skincare products after researching online (more so if you rely heavily on reviews!). The fact that such a large variety of beauty products exist, with each achieving different degrees of success on different groups of users, bears testimony to the simple idea that no two people are alike!

In other words, products that work wonders on me may potentially cause you to have the worst facial nightmare ever. Therefore, as you go about reading reviews and making your beauty choices, start paying attention to the little details (such as the ingredients used). If you are lucky, you may just be able to find that holy grail sooner whilst avoiding unnecessary outbreaks!

Lastly, just like you, I am just an ordinary girl-next-door who derives joy from pampering my face and exploring the countless options out there. This blog is my little way of giving back to the community with reviews that stem from my personal experience - this also means that whatever have been shared on this blog has been used by me for a fair amount of time! There will also certainly be products (or brands) that I personally favor, and lines that I find a waste of money, but I hope that you treat these opinions as helpful references, but bear in mind that YMMV as you go about making your decisions!